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E. Columbia Ave Condo

Mid Century Industrial Chic

When we first saw the condo, it felt closed off and uninviting.  Our first priority was making it, overall, feel like home for the client and a place he could invite and gather with friends.  Second, we wanted to embrace the raw industrial feel of the space and still have it be warm and inviting. 
To address unifying the overall design, we brought in some new pieces and added playful textures in the curtains and throw pillows.  We used sculptural elements like the three light floor lamp and the twisted black powder-coated metal side table to draw you into the space.  We brought in a new side board and the large photograph print along the back wall anchor the space while adding depth and interest.  Together these elements draw you in and through the space, they make it feel more inviting.

Hazel Ave Home

"The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys"

This home was built around 1908 in West Philadelphia right outside of University City.  The excessively traditional design of the trim and the gorgeous but imposing staircase, left the home owner wondering if they could really make it a space they loved in a style that fit their sensibilities.

We had so much fun transforming this space. The furniture and area rugs make a bold statement, this allowed us to do a muted pale gray purple wall focusing on the gorgeous crown molding and drawing the eye up instead of directly to the walls. We kept the art and decor simple allowing the unique details of the space to take center stage.  A piece of art created by the home owner and her daughter and a piece of art that is special to them of the Candy Lady in Philadelphia are the only art pieces we hung on the walls.

"The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys" is a reference to a song that the home owner loves and is part of the inspiration for the design.

Rodman Street Home

Contemporary Traditional

This home is on a corner lot, across from a park in a beautiful quiet section of the city of Philadelphia and has gorgeous natural light.    Originally the home had many competing, dark and heavy patterns.  The client wanted an updated traditional style.  The overall goal was to combine the husband and wife's styles into one comprehensive space, welcoming for entertaining.
As you walk up to the first floor, there is an oval window off center on the wall, this became one of the points of inspiration for the design.  Curves can be found echoed in an oval mirror hung across from the window, the chandelier above the dining table, the ottoman and large semi-circular sofa. 
We incorporated both jewel and earth tones into the color palette uniting the favored color palettes of husband and wife.   The curved furniture pieces we used unite the first floor spaces and provide ample space for entertaining.  

Wynnewood Ave House

Clean Modern with a Touch of Color

The owner of this home is a real estate developer, he is also a lover of wine, dancing, and above all, he loves his family.  When we took a look at the house , the home in general needed to be opened up and every finish replaced.  The client wanted a more modern look and to improve the design for hosting his

family and friends.

We widened and squared off the openings throughout the first floor.  We also removed the walls beneath the main staircase and designed a custom wine rack, creating a unique and

personalized focal point for the home.

Many of the walls are angled away from the main hall as you walk through the first floor.  To incorporate that architectural language throughout the home, we incorporated an emphasized an angle into the custom floor pattern in the kitchen and brought it up vertically with the angled waterfall edge on the island, the pattern of the back splash and incorporated it into the custom wine rack. 

Artisan Way Master Bath

Contemporary Mediterranean 

This is a unique home done in a Mediterranean style when built back in the 90's.  We wanted to take the grandeur of the space and bring it up to date while keeping with the unique style of the home owners. 

In the Master Bathroom, to emphasize the tall ceiling, we installed a beautiful chandelier.  We removed the original small dark steam shower and installed a large open custom shower with exquisitely patterned, granite extending from the tub surround to the custom shower bench.  We also raised the ceiling above the shower to match the rest of the bathroom and installed a chandelier to draw the eye upward.  We kept the wall color light and bright except in the separate toilet area where we added a punch of color on the walls.  Natural travertine stone floors and tile on the walls soften the pattern of the gorgeous exotic granite.  The overall affect of the stone is splendid,  it's a warm, inviting and relaxing space.

Pennington Drive Master Bath

Contemporary Artisan Style

This Master Bathroom is just behind and connected to a hall bathroom, by an added interior window.  The home was built with 1.5 bathrooms and later combined to one.  We converted it to two full bathrooms providing a full en suite bathroom.  The home owner wanted, what was at the time they purchased the home, one large bathroom to be at least 1.5 again.  We knew we could exceed their expectations and provide two full bathrooms and so we did.  We connected the two bathrooms with an interior window to allow natural light to filter into the hall bathroom. 

In a smaller home natural light is a perfect way to enhance spaces and help them to fell larger and more spacious. 

The contemporary artist feel is perfect, glass tile and sink help to reflect natural light throughout the space.

Dover Court House

Simple Contemporary

The homeowners came to wanting to renovate their kitchen with the intention of moving.  The family did not believe the home could become what they needed it to be to stay in place, they had a long list of items that would need to be revised.  After sitting down to discuss their needs we determined that we could do everything they needed.  We relocated the front door, created an actual entry for the home.  We relocated the laundry room, completely renovated the kitchen relocating cabinets, one of the many access doors to the back patio, widened openings and transformed the home overall.  It was a fantastic project to work on.  The family is not big on color, we went with muted tones, browns and grays with one consistent pop of color, blue.  They still live comfortably and enjoyably in their home. 

Pennington Drive Basement

Practically Contemporary in Every Way

This was a basement that was dark, unfinished and was taking in water often in the spring.  We installed a french drain inside and out, sealed the walls, installed a sub-pump and de-humidifier.  We also added a bedroom, to do so we added a window well egress but made it a little wider to allow lots of natural light into the basement but cleverly disguised in the landscaping.  The result is a light and bright usable space that feels like anything but a basement and double the homes usable square feet.  

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