Rodman Street House-Phase 1
The home owners have a beautiful home and love to entertain, it needed to updates and a revamp of the layout to allow for better flow and for more seating. We accomplished this with a semi-circular sofa and some beautiful armchairs. We took the oval window in the dining room and used it as inspiration for the space creating sweeping curves in large ways with the sofa and subtle ways with wood inlays in one of the furniture pieces. We used their existing art, our next step is to have the art reframed to make sure that it all flows. The homeowners had a existing oval mirror we placed directly across from the oval window to bring the oval into the space in another way and help to reflect light through the space. We also installed three new mirrors above the doors along the wall in the dining room to extend them up and create consistency in overall look. This allowed us to mount all the curtains at the same level throughout and not leave a gap between the top of the doors and the curtain rod.