Northern Liberties Condo
The Owner of this space was feeling stuck, the space has wonderful light and texture but the space didn't feel like home. We used a few existing pieces rearranged all of the furniture, bought some new large anchor pieces and opened up the space improving the layout and overall feeling. He wanted to be able to have a few people over and it feel inviting and comfortable. We achieved that by creating contrast with the soft linen colored curtains against the pattern of the brick, opening up the layout and using interesting side pieces and large anchor pieces to make the space feel masculine and inviting. The large print on the wall is the owners art work, a photograph he took a number of years ago, we decided it was perfect, had it printed large and works so beautifully in the space. The contrast with the art work, the black of the background and the silvery white outline of the models body with the stark white contrast of the wall is striking when you enter the space and draws the eye through the space. Its truly a space that now feels inviting and welcoming.