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Your Home Can Enhance Your Health!

Thinking outside of Santizing when it comes to your home and health.

There is so much going on in our world, with a global pandemic, an election weeks away and most of us still working primarily from home.  With the school year in full swing our homes are doing more for us than ever before.   Here are 3 tips on how to set yourself up to be better supported while working from home: Many people are using the dining room table or kitchen island as the touchstone for work and schoolwork.  Seating for our dining room is only designed to be seated in, for 1-2 hour at a time and our bodies are designed to move...So, give your body a break once per hour, stand up, stretch, get some water, a healthy snack or take a lap around the dining room table.  This improves circulation, sends the blood back to your brain and will help your muscles be less fatigued at the end of the day...and if you have kids, could be turned into a fun game of follow the leader.   If you have an office at home, great!  Be sure to do your best to have the center of your computer monitor centered at your eye level.  If you are using a laptop try to sit in a slightly reclined position with your head supported so you are not looking down all day.  This will help alleviate lower back pain and shoulder or neck pain.   Last but not least when you need a break, give yourself one!  Even for a few moments step outside or open a window and take a deep breath of fresh air and feel the sun on your face.  We need the sun for our overall health, especially our mental health.  Spending even a few minutes a day outside even just walking around the block, allowing yourself to be fully in the moment is excellent for our mental health and stress levels.   If you are wondering how I know all of these lovely ergonomic tips...well I worked for an ergonomics manufacturer for 2.5 years.  I am so thankful I did, as it has helped shape the way I design for my clients. PS if you have not yet subscribed to GoodByDesign on Youtube you should! The episodes are 8-12 minutes and full of cool people doing things there way and bettering the world because of it! 


Shana Fannon

Founder & Principal Designer

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