• Shana Fannon

Energy of a Space: Part 1

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Have you ever entered a building and felt a particular emotion? Did the room or space capture the sunlight in a way that made you smile? Did the furnishings make you want to reach out and touch them? Did you feel welcome or unsure where you should go?

Many people and potential clients I encounter are unsure what Interior Design really is and how it will benefit them. We are affected by design every day. About 85% of our lives are spent indoors and hopefully that space has been thoughtfully designed for maximum use and experience. My view of space is that it should connect to us, increase our desire and ability to connect with one another, help us navigate our way through it and connect with our emotions.

I have seen how critical it is for businesses and residence alike to be part of creating and reflecting culture and our business or personal brand. Our homes and businesses, when at their best, are a reflection of who we are now, who we are becoming and what story we want to tell. The good news is design can transform a space from something that is not reflecting us at our best and can become a strong part of our brand, create community and project culture in a visual language.

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