• Shana Fannon

A Thanksgiving Thank You

Happy Thanksgiving,

I am taking the time to be thankful. When I started doing design work for clients as my own business, about 4 years ago, after more than a decade of working in the design world for other people, I was nervous and scared. I also had no idea how far I was going to want to take this business. The vision woke up inside me about 18 months ago and I took the steps to make it official as an LLC. I knew I would make mistakes, learn lessons and grow something incredible, I just didn’t know what the journey would look like. I also knew and know that I cannot not do this alone.

Despite what we hear, 2020 is not a throw away year, it is a year for learning, a year to discover our own resilience, to fall forward to deepen our relationships, to ask for help and/or learn to receive help and prepare for whatever comes next.

So, what comes next for me and SF Design LLC., I have also decided to move forward with a path to transforming the business from an interior design studio to an architecture studio and have asked Ed Rahme of Think Architecture to be a mentor for me as I embark on working with the state of Pennsylvania to discover what my options are as far as my path to becoming a licensed architect (which will take about 4 years maybe longer!).

Last, but also not in the slightest way is it the least, I have asked some amazing people to join me in my journey to growing this design studio, my assistant Jennifer and associate coordinator Rachel, for now they are contractors but the goal is to be able to grow the business together and be a full time team next year.

Thank you to all of my clients past, present and future, my vendor partners, mentors, coaches and everyone else who has and is helping me to grow and learn.

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